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Painting the Protected Lands


Nature turns me into a little kid and a sage elder all at the same time. The wonder of discovery and the stillness and greatness of the infinite all at once. This latest project has me deeply steeped in the wonder of it all.

Here is a Leelanau insider tip: hike these protected lands. The Leelanau Conservancy has a full guide to all their properties and which ones you can hike and what to expect at their Leelanau office or online. They provide docent hikes, which are filled with nuggets of nature wisdom, and highly recommended. Sign up for their email and check their website for more information. They also have, available for purchase, the book “The Trails of M22” — this is your new hiking bible. The scoop on all the best trails, their locations, their lengths, what you’ll see, etc., is available on the Leelanau Conservancy website.

Here are some behind-the-scenes photos of these magnificent properties and a look into how I work. It has never been enough for me to show up and paint a place; I want to know the story. I want to fall in love with the place through each step as I hike, feet touching the ground, and then again. Eyes wide open to discover its hidden treasures.

This fall, my big discovery is mushrooms. I will probably not paint them, but oh the joy of knowing they are there!



Ed and Karl, two rock star docents, patiently teaching me the stories of the land. The areas that were once part of Lake Michigan or other long-gone inland lakes.

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Teichner Preserve on Lime Lake

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Birding at Kehl Lake Nature Area

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DeYoung Natural Area

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Chippewa Run Nature Area


Whaleback Natural Area, as seen from South Beach in Leland.


A precious little jewel called a Witch’s Cap at Finton Natural Area


Lion’s Mane mushroom found at Clay Cliffs


More mushrooms found at Clay Cliffs on a docent-led hike.



The detail astounds me!

Project 24 pieces still available!

Project 24 was an effort to capture the landscapes of all of the Leelanau Peninsula wineries in paint, to connect you to the land that your wine comes from. You all made that project a wonderful, huge and humbling success. You inspire and motivate me with your support! Thanks to your purchases, we were able to donate $1,000 to the Leelanau Conservancy to help protect and preserve this awe-inspiring land. Thank you so much — that is truly awesome!
Though the majority of pieces have found great homes — some with people whom I already knew, and others I’m happy to have met for the first time through this endeavor — a few of the paintings are still looking for their forever home. Here’s a glimpse at the pieces that are still available.
To purchase any of these pieces, please email with the title of the painting.

Black Star Farms, 24 x 48, oil, $1,200


Black Star Farms, 30 x 30, oil, $900


Bluestone Vineyards in Springtime, 12 x 24 (diptych), oil, $315


Lake Leelanau Narrows near Boathouse Vineyards, 20 x 20, oil, $440


Boathouse Vineyards in the Fall, 24 x 48, oil, $1,200


Cherry Republic, 18 x 18, oil, $280



Good Harbor Vineyards, 30 x 30, oil, $900


Green Bird Organic Vineyards, 18 x 18, oil, $350


L. Mawby, 36 x 48, oil, $1,900


Longview Winery’s Vineyards, 36 x 48, oil, $1,900


Raftshol Vineyards, 24 x 24, oil, $575


Shady Lane Cellars in Springtime, 30 x 30, oil, $900


Tandem Ciders, 16 x 16, oil, $280