Monthly Archives: September 2011

Travel: The Great Teacher and My Artistic Process


On a terrace above the enchanting city of Sienna, Italy; I found myself looking down onto winding cobbled streets that were alive in the terracotta glow of the setting sun.  Flowers spilled into the streets from shuttered windows.  This stunningly beautiful view beckoned, enticed, and dared me to look away.

Somewhere in that moment, the artist in me awakened and I started on a journey, exploring new places and new cultures and translating their beauty and impact on me in a new creative way through painting.

What I didn’t know at that time was how deeply this journey would transform me and how important it would become.  For almost two decades my creative well has been continuously filled from travel. Each new experience affects me and inspires my art so much that I still get emotional even boarding a plane to leave. I am continuously curious and open to what each moment brings, filled with mystery of how this exploration affects me… and my canvas!!