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Painting(s) of the Week: Chateau Chantal: The Series



Image“Northern Michigan is a special place: It’s one of my personal favorite spots on the planet. Among all the beauty, a few special spots stand out. If you have ever had the privilege of visiting Chateau Chantal, you know it is one of those very special places. 


Image“The road twists and turns, winding its way past barns and glorious vineyards, until you arrive at the magnificent “chateau” itself. Stepping out of your car, you can see the bays on each side of Old Mission Peninsula, and all the rolling hills covered in vines in between. To say it takes your breath away is a understatement: It is magically enchanting. 

Image“After you regain your composure, after you recover from the giant dose of beautiful you have just been hit with, you enter the beautiful building itself, finding your way to the tasting counter, where the knowledgable staff can guide you in your exploration of the fine wines available at Chateau Chantal. Once you find your favorite, you can get a glass and head out on the expansive patio, where more glorious views await you. 

Image“It is from these many vantage points that I photographed this enchanting place, and from those images created a series of both oil pastel on photo and original mixed media pieces. The road that winds through the property is depicted in each image I have created because I love roads. It’s all about the idea of being on a journey, of passing by beautiful country, of the road less traveled. Travel itself is represented by roads, and this road twists through a magical place. May you be as enchanted viewing the work as I was creating it! Cheers!”

ImageChateau Chantal: The Series
Medium/Price/Size: Varies by piece
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Painting of the Week: “The Three Graces of the Michigan By The Bottle Tasting Room”



This painting was created specifically for, and currently hangs in, the Michigan By The Bottle Tasting Room in Shelby Township, which is home to a long-term gallery of my work. It was delivered during their grand opening event in January.

Celebration, living life to the fullest, honoring the moments, joy and the pursuit of happiness are all at the base of my art. “The Three Graces of the Michigan by the Bottle Tasting Room” embody all these things and more. “The Three Graces” by Botticelli was the base of the idea, and from there my job was then translating the graces into three modern women who are celebrating bubbly. Because I created this piece with the MBTB Tasting Room in mind, I started with Cortney Casey’s love of bubbly and shimmery things that sparkle and shine. From there, the painting took on its own life, and the graces began to “tell” me how it would be. By the time I finished this piece, I wanted to jump right in and join them. Hopefully you do as well — at least in spirit!

“The Three Graces of the Michigan By The Bottle Tasting Room”

Size: 36 x 36
Medium: Mixed media 
Price: $1,000

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