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Brightening the Building at Chateau de Leelanau



Follow me as I transform the southern wall of Chateau de Leelanau’s tasting room in Suttons Bay, on Northern Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula, from a bare expanse of brown to a colorful mural!

Day 1: Friday, May 16
Today this is my canvas: the south wall of Chateau de Leelanau in Suttons Bay. Let the party begin!
I was falling over exhausted, but giddy with the joy of it all. It’s thrilling! You know that feeling when you hurt all over and can’t stand up anymore, but you’re elated because you love the work and can’t believe how lucky you are to live your dream job? Yeah, that’s it!

Day 2: Saturday, May 17
I have to admit I was equal parts anxious and excited to rock out this mural. Knocking on wood, so far it’s been a dream. Today, I met several Stephanie Schlatter Art fans, and I’m thrilled you introduced yourselves! And the painting — well, it’s going great! I’m just so blessed to get to do what I love to do under this sun we all share with the extraordinary backdrop of Leelanau. Humbled, tired, blessed and oh so very filled with gratitude!

Pausing to taking a photo for the recipient of this print! (See photo at top of page.)

And the results at the end of the day…

Day 3: Sunday, May 18
Joseph Campbell famously said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” He also said, “Follow your bliss.” Today embodied both quotes for me, and I was completely jazzed about it! Did you get to honor yourself and your bliss this weekend?


Day 4: Monday, May 19
So here’s the thing: creating  rocks. I have always been moved by the concept of there was nothing there, and then hands made something. It’s so completely satisfying. Is it good? Does it matter? It’s subjective, but I felt tremendously satisfied by the process of making, of letting creation flow through me. That moves me; I hope it moves you, too!


Magic Places and Enchanting Space



leelanau1When driving to my beloved Leelanau Peninsula from Grand Rapids, the closer I get, the more my blood pressure drops. I can feel it. I relax, breathe deeper, and am more in the moment. It’s not conscious: I don’t think, “OK, now relax”; I just begin to notice peacefulness arising.

leelanau8When I get to the peninsula, I have a sense of utter delight about me as I become enchanted anew by M22, the road that winds through the land I love. It’s lined with farms, hills, orchards and vineyards. It has a way of reminding me of somewhere else and yet being so very, very uniquely “Pure Michigan.”

leelanau6That night, on an unseasonably cold night offering up icy rain mixed with snow, the fog rose up from the ground, the lime green of spring shining through in the background. Despite the chill, I bundled up and went adventuring.

leelanau3I was rewarded greatly, as I always am when I take the time for nature. This is what inspires me, what makes me want to paint. And up here, there is the physical space for my very full brain to think, be creative and be inspired. I have been painting this area for more than three years now, and my well of inspiration just keeps growing fuller and fuller.

leelanau2What are your magic places? I’d love to hear in the comments below, and if you enjoyed this adventure, please do sign up to receive my emails — I’d love for you to join me! Click here to sign up for my e-newsletter mailing list.