Monthly Archives: October 2012

Wine Review Wednesday



This weeks Wine Review Wednesday is a tribute to all Michigan Wines, in the form of a poem.


Bountiful beauty,
generous earth.
Rolling hills,
wrapped in vines.
A last bow,
in glorious shades.
Red, orange, yellow,
and lime.
Grapes bursting in ripeness.


Travel and Inspiration


The fabric of my life is woven with the threads of faraway lands. The call to travel has often gripped me, and as soon as I could buy an airline ticket I was off exploring. The sights, sounds and smells that are not familiar to me continue to excite and stimulate my soul and creative process, inspiring my work.

Most recently while traveling in the Lavaux region of Lake Geneva, Switzerland, my eyes found a visual feast of shape, color and pattern. Majestic hills terraced with vineyards created a perfect puzzle of forms juxtaposed into each other, the rows of grapes spilling into Lake Geneva with the Alps as a back drop. Closing my eyes, I could see these images and the need to create overcame me. My hands began to move and soon I had finished the four small gems featured here. They were created on location with the images singing in my mind.

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