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Magic Places and Enchanting Space



leelanau1When driving to my beloved Leelanau Peninsula from Grand Rapids, the closer I get, the more my blood pressure drops. I can feel it. I relax, breathe deeper, and am more in the moment. It’s not conscious: I don’t think, “OK, now relax”; I just begin to notice peacefulness arising.

leelanau8When I get to the peninsula, I have a sense of utter delight about me as I become enchanted anew by M22, the road that winds through the land I love. It’s lined with farms, hills, orchards and vineyards. It has a way of reminding me of somewhere else and yet being so very, very uniquely “Pure Michigan.”

leelanau6That night, on an unseasonably cold night offering up icy rain mixed with snow, the fog rose up from the ground, the lime green of spring shining through in the background. Despite the chill, I bundled up and went adventuring.

leelanau3I was rewarded greatly, as I always am when I take the time for nature. This is what inspires me, what makes me want to paint. And up here, there is the physical space for my very full brain to think, be creative and be inspired. I have been painting this area for more than three years now, and my well of inspiration just keeps growing fuller and fuller.

leelanau2What are your magic places? I’d love to hear in the comments below, and if you enjoyed this adventure, please do sign up to receive my emails — I’d love for you to join me! Click here to sign up for my e-newsletter mailing list.

Meet the SSA Team: De anne Walters


In a new series of blog posts, I’d like to introduce the team behind Stephanie Schlatter Art. They’re the folks who are out on the street promoting my artwork, keeping the website and social media humming along, etc., while I’m in the studio focused on creating!

ImageMeet De anne Walters: She’s the face behind the maintenance of my website, my graphics work and all of my “tech needs.” Thank you, De anne, we would be lost without you!

About De anne: For over 16 years, De anne and DWATCS (www.dwatcs.com) have been serving the greater Grand Rapids metro area. From logo creation to expo design, from website design to search engine optimization, De anne’s 16+ years of experience has offered her many opportunities to explore, and satisfy, the creative needs of her diverse customers.

Electronic communications have become the largest part of her creative business. She specializes in the creation, maintenance and hosting of web sites, the setup and maintenance of the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, etc.) to support them, and the search engine optimization/marketing (SEO/SEM) strategies to promote them all.

De anne has extensive knowledge of the creative design process of books, booklets, packaged materials, brochures, CD’s, business cards, annual reports, invitations, letterheads and catalogs. For more info, visit www.dwatcs.com.