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Painting of the Week: “Piano Song”



“Music is the wine of life. It has the power to transform, transfix, intoxicate and enchant, and music has done all of the above to me. It is art without form; it is sound stirring in me all the same things painting stirs in me, but without my sight. It’s another way to magically transport yourself through art. It is my love of music that inspired this piece, and my desire to put a visual to the rhythms and beats that stir my soul. The process is about me and the paint: The canvas becomes the record of that interaction; the subject or intention is the third element, of lesser importance. The colors — moving, dancing, finally finding a place to rest, from my imagination to the canvas. The lines twist and turn, juxtaposing. Shapes moving into each other, separated only by color and value.

“This piece is perhaps one of the best representations of Moshe Rosenthalis’ influence on me, both his art and writings. ‘I used to follow nature more closely, but I am now more true to myself. I take from nature only what interests me.’ And: ‘What I must know is how to make my painterly statement express my intention, and do so in a interesting way.’ Those are two of his quotes that freed me. This painting is a result of that freedom!” 

“Piano Song”
Size: 36 x 36
Medium: Mixed media
Price: $1,000

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