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Jack Johnson in Southern Switzerland — Who Wants to Go?



My husband and I love to travel. For me, it has been a lifelong passion that started in my early 20s and has only grown since.

swiss3In my mind, I do not separate travel from my art. My art is all about travel. That doesn’t mean I paint every place I visit, but it influences me nonetheless. A color here, a pattern there: They all catch my eye as I move around the world. The way the area I’m visiting is, what the people value there, and the art that has been created in the area. I explore all of these things constantly, but when I travel, even more so, because everything is fresh and new, and that heightens the senses.

We are headed to southern Switzerland, to the Italian-speaking and -influenced region around Lake Maggiore. My love’s favorite country is Switzerland (and he happens to be Swiss, though born in the U.S.), and he has a passion for music (if there was a more powerful word than passion, I would use it here). We both love Jack Johnson. His happy songs about peace and love, his joy in surfing and chilled out ways, appeal to us both.

So Jack is playing a concert in the Piazza Grande in Locarno, Switzerland, and we will be there. Music is art, and it fills my soul. We will also be hiking, biking and letting nature wash over us. Nature has come to be my greatest teacher and inspiration.

I love taking you all along with me, and I’ll be sharing the journey with you upon my return. I believe in the power of unplugging, and while I plan to send a photo or two, look for much more detail upon my return.


swiss7How has travel influenced you in your life, and what places have you found healing? Travelers’ tales, I feel, are the next best thing to actually going on an adventure! Come tell me about them on my Facebook page.

Disclaimer: Photos are from the Internet — not by me. I’ll have plenty of my own to share when I return!

Gallery: “Song and Dance”



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“This body of art celebrates those moments … each moment.”

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