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Why Make Art?



Why Make Art?

There is that moment when a painting catches your eye, and you pause and smile, your heart filled with joy. The painting has touched you and tapped into a sacred memory. It fills you in a way you cannot explain — and you don’t need to; the painting has done it for you. Bam! That is it right there; that is why I do what I do.

IMG_0147Our memories of time spent with the ones we love are often linked to place. Your grandmother’s summer cottage on the lake, the trip to wine country with your dearest friends, returning to Ethiopia to connect with your child’s birthplace. Yet, it is sometimes the places we have not yet been that touch us most, tapping into something deeper: an inner desire, goal and dream.

I want my art to be beautiful reminders of these sacred journeys, experiences and longings. This is pure joy, expression, and beauty, and this is what my path as an artist is all about. This meaning that is brought to life visually, that does not have words and does not need them.

Florence, Day 2: Mimicking the Masters



I started the day as I ended it: climbing to the Piazza Michelangelo. High above the city, it’s both a workout and a magnificent view. I mean, breathtaking. Above is in the morning; below, at sunset.


I spent the rest of the morning just wandering, exploring, going off the beaten path. Pure joy.

After my morning wonderings of delight. I headed off for class. One might think because I paint nearly every day that who needs class? Yes, I paint every day, but it’s been years since I returned to the basics of college, like copying the masters, as I did today. That’s how the masters themselves learned: They copied those who went before them, sometimes spending 7-8 years in a guild studying under a master.

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It gave me a kind of giddy joy to have the time to play in this manner today. Remembering things forgotten, rules learned and tucked away, just out of view. A joy to simply render what is before me. The works of the greats.

Ending the day back where I started it, up above the city. Dinner of roasted artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, and marinated mushrooms with what else but a fine local Chianti. Life is indeed good. As I lay my head down I’m struck by how important it is in life and art to learn and re-learn the lessons always!

The details delight. A city born of art, unabashedly adorned. A Mecca for artists and art lovers alike.

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