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Florence, Day 2: Mimicking the Masters



I started the day as I ended it: climbing to the Piazza Michelangelo. High above the city, it’s both a workout and a magnificent view. I mean, breathtaking. Above is in the morning; below, at sunset.


I spent the rest of the morning just wandering, exploring, going off the beaten path. Pure joy.

After my morning wonderings of delight. I headed off for class. One might think because I paint nearly every day that who needs class? Yes, I paint every day, but it’s been years since I returned to the basics of college, like copying the masters, as I did today. That’s how the masters themselves learned: They copied those who went before them, sometimes spending 7-8 years in a guild studying under a master.

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It gave me a kind of giddy joy to have the time to play in this manner today. Remembering things forgotten, rules learned and tucked away, just out of view. A joy to simply render what is before me. The works of the greats.

Ending the day back where I started it, up above the city. Dinner of roasted artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, and marinated mushrooms with what else but a fine local Chianti. Life is indeed good. As I lay my head down I’m struck by how important it is in life and art to learn and re-learn the lessons always!

The details delight. A city born of art, unabashedly adorned. A Mecca for artists and art lovers alike.

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