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A Poem: Walk with Me


As I make my way across the world to Ethiopia once again, I invite you to take a walk with me through some of the reasons why this place is so dear to me.  Ethiopia is a land full of contradictions and wonder… and even though this will be far from a “pleasure vacation,” I look forward to the lessons this land has to teach me this time around.  Please enjoy this poem I wrote.


Walk with Me


Walk with me through this limitless terrain

varied with contradictions

fruitful yet desolate

colorful abundance

full of presence

even when evidence of life is hard to find.

Walk with me across the vast plains that end

only when the mountains start to rise


Walk with me through the cities and villages

and into the lives of the people

their eyes


have their own stories to tell

of love and loss

poverty and prosperity

Walk with me through their layers of history

rich in tradition

full in community


Walk with me in self-discovery

My ancestry and yours

were born in this land

where we find the questions

and we live the answers


Mother Africa

your journey is our own

Walk with me and we’ll create our story

as it unfolds

across Ethiopia

Walk with me

A Poem for Ethiopia


My cab zips through the chaotic city streets,

looking through the window,

through the maze of people

I see you.

I look right into your eyes.


One brief fleeting moment…


You’re huddled under blankets,

homeless and alone,

reaching out your hand


I see myself

in your weary weathered eyes.

Do you see yourself in mine?


Interconnected are we

I am you,

and you are me.


Can you feel my life as I pause here,

and try to breathe in yours?


I wonder about the roads you’ve traveled

and what you’ve learned along the way.

Do you still have dreams?

Or did they go away long ago,

like a beautiful summer sunset cut short by a flock of clouds?


I still wonder about you sometimes,

even though I am you,

and you