Can Art Improve Your Love Life?


I believe it can. Everything in life is art. There is art in preparing food, preparing a table, decorating your home, or even dressing yourself. Gardens are a form of art as is your appreciation of them. There is art in wine, in making it as well as drinking it. I believe that whenever you bring your own sense of self to whatever you do, it is art.

My favorite art form is painting. My heart races as I watch my hands move color across canvas. But my interests are many. I have an adorable husband, a loving family, a thirst for knowledge, and a desire to be surrounded by beauty. In all these things, I find the art of living and loving well.

Think of your last romantic date. Chances are that one or both of you had to set the stage. Did you have a picnic outside or a lovely meal inside? Whatever the venue; beautiful fabric, throw pillows, candles, and fresh cut flowers make even the ordinary feel extraordinary. There is art in the way you smile at someone and make eye contact while really listening. Let them know you’re thinking of them with random acts of kindness. Art is brought to the everyday by simply thinking about it. Here are a few of my favorite ways of bringing art into my everyday:

  • Supporting a local artist and being aware of the smile that spreads over your face when that artwork is hung on your wall.
  • Hanging art in unusual places; over a door, under a window or a small “peek-a-boo” painting hanging in a small nook.
  • Serving wine and presenting it with a beautiful wine stopper, ice bucket or decanter.
  • Having a glass already poured for your guests or loved one.
  • Using trays, trays, trays.
  • Serving water with any one of the following (or mix-n-match)… cucumber, mint, lavender, ginger, or my favorite summer treat, red pepper.
  • Placing edible flowers, like marigolds or nasturtium, on your plates or freshly cut gems from your garden in a vase for the table. I use ferns, grasses, and herbs. I also love simple flowers floating in a small bowl or vase or a collection of them as a great centerpiece! These visuals can make any meal look elegant.

I hope these ideas inspire you to look at everything you do as art. Surprise with the unexpected and you will delight those around you and yourself. It doesn’t take hours of preparation. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am the queen of the last minute. Simply nurture the idea that everything we do in life is art. The details are what allows you and yours to experience the art of living well.

Article as seen in the August 2012 Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

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