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Change your Life with Art


Art is for everyone! Yes, even you. I’m a firm believer everyone should live with and enjoy original art and sometimes that means “do it yourself” art.  Many people leave their walls blank because they are not sure how to fill them and feel it would be costly to do so.  If you have the funds, you won’t regret investing in art that moves you.  But you don’t need a big budget to enjoy beautiful art on your walls.

If you have children, have you framed or hung their art from school? This builds their confidence and adds joy and color to your home. Here’s another fun idea; head to your favorite art supplier, buy a canvas, and gather the family or friends around, each with one paint color and a brush.  Then have everyone begin painting the area in front of them until you all meet in the middle.  You will have a beautiful “under painting”. (image 1)  Now throw paint across it like Jackson Pollack (image 2) or collect objects to attach to the canvas.  Flowers from your garden or leaves make great stamps. You can dip the flowers and leaves into the desired paint color(s) and press them into your canvas (image 3).

Creating a collage is a favorite “do-it-yourself” project of mine because it’s personal.  Using your own photos, post cards, maps, and ticket stubs, you can create an piece of art that reminds you of some of your favorite memories. You will need canvas and “mod podge” (available at the local craft store) to attach your selected items.  First, paint the canvas with your favorite color(s).  Then tear the images you will be using along the edges or in half for an abstract look.  After the images are glued to the canvas in a pleasing arrangement, I like to apply some metallic paint to the areas in between in a random pattern using a sponge (image 4).  Try framing special documents, postcards, or architectural drawings as a way to put your personality in your space.

If doing it yourself doesn’t interest you, you can always consider purchasing art from local art fairs.  It doesn’t need to be costly to begin your own collection.  If you see something that inspires you, buy it! You won’t be sorry.  Whether you buy a finished piece or put it together yourself or with your family, I am confident that you begin to look at the walls as a place from which you can draw happiness through art.

Note: The images in this post are taken in Ethiopia where you can find me sharing my passion that art is indeed for everyone.
Article as seen in the August 2012 Women’s Lifestyle Magazine

Wine Review Wednesday


Black Star Farms 2011 Arcturos Sur Lie Chardonnay

This is simply a lovely taste of Michigan in a bottle. Unoaked and classically clean and crisp. Fruit forward with citrus, pear and apple on the nose. Ripe and very smooth going down. A perfect wine with foods like cheese, cream sauce, chicken, pork and fish and good enough to uncork and enjoy by itself. It’s a double gold winner in the International Eastern Wine Competition and highly recommended by this aficionado of Michigan wines. Cheers to Pure Michigan in a bottle!