Viva la Mexico!



This was the celebration of Spring March 21. So colorful, so creative and vivacious! Viva la Spring, it’s on the way!

Today I spent the day sketching. It’s been a long time since I allowed myself the joy of wandering a city, just sketching. I was reminded of the details we take for granted, the joy of studying something intently to see how it is put together. I found myself so excited, just smiling, remembering the joy in the details. My goal for my study in Mexico was to move away from details, to abstract more and relax into the feeling and essence of a work.

I was reminded that sometimes you have to return to the basics to move away from them, to remember the rules before you break them, move toward something to move away from it.

ImageI find it cathartic, metaphoric and just pain exciting. As I was sketching, I stumbled across this mariachi at the art institute and had to put down my sketch book and exchange it for my camera. Cheers to art in all of it’s forms!


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