Painting of the Week: “Paris Follies”


ImageFueled by your input, Stephanie is choosing a new image to highlight each week, sharing the inspiration and vision that fueled it. Visit her Facebook page each Thursday for a chance to vote on the next week’s selected piece.

“This piece is inspired by Josephine Baker and Paris in the Roaring 20’s; it’s a celebration of life. Josephine Baker posed and moved in a way that exuded a passion for life, a mischief, the kind that comes from knowing joy. Paris, like many of the world’s great cities, was experiencing an artistic boom, jazz was alive and well, and flappers were all the rage. Life was light and the celebration of living was honored.

Women of my generation have a pressure to fill a lot of roles — to be ‘superwomen’ — and as a culture, we glorify this image of the self-sacrificing woman to a fault. In a painting like ‘Paris Follies,’ we can be reminded that joy, dance, song and celebrating life are important — I’d say even necessary. This painting says, ‘Save the serious stuff for tomorrow; today, we will dance.'”

Size: 36″ x 36″
Medium: Mixed media
Price: $1,000
To purchase this or other paintings, click here.

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