Painting of the Week: “I Can See You Coming”



“Barns are a part of the landscape here in Michigan — a part by which I am very inspired and intrigued. The single vineyard is also something you see much of, due to a flatter landscape and the vineyards’ spaced out nature. The most striking thing to me about the Michigan landscapes are the trees, always layers upon layers of trees. This piece is a combination of all these things that are so quintessentially Michigan. In the foreground, I had a ton of fun abstracting the wildflowers, grasses and fields often found on farmland, and the fence invites you to walk into the painting. It’s a celebration of the best of Michigan. From the barn, they can see you coming into the painting through the fence, thus the name, ‘I Can See You Coming.’ The color choice is about the many, many shades of green you will find on the Michigan wine trail.”

“I Can See You Coming”
Size: 24 x 24
Medium: Mixed media
Price: $450

To purchase this painting or others by Stephanie, click here.

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