Painting of the Week: bin616 Labels Unveiled!



Stephanie is excited to announce the use of her artwork on the new bin616 line of wines, available exclusively at the Amway Hotel Collection, including JW Marriott, Amway Grand Plaza and Courtyard by Marriott hotels! Her colorful pieces — two figurative, in honor of us, the wine drinkers; two centered on the land, a nod to the farmers, the winemakers and the fruit itself — will appear on bottles of bin616 Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

In conjunction with the bin616 launch, the JW Marriott and the Amway Grand will be carrying a collection of merchandise featuring the same artwork. The four paintings also will be on display at the JW Marriott as Stephanie’s entry in ArtPrize 2013, which runs Sept. 18-Oct. 6.

“It’s a series about celebration, about enjoying life, our loved ones and the land we live on!

“Bin 616 is a series of four paintings depicting an artist’s interpretations of Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The focuses of the pieces — two figurative, in honor of us, the wine drinkers; two centered on the land, a nod to the farmers, winemakers and fruit itself — paint a complete story of how these bottled beauties came to be.

“The figurative images highlight females swept up in their enjoyment of the moment and the celebration of the vine. To me, wine itself is, in many ways, feminine: soft and subtle, yet strong, complex and layered. Their male counterparts need not feel left out: Though unseen in the images, they are there, just outside the frame. She’s beckoning them, inviting them to join her in the celebration.

“The landscape-related images depict how, with wine, you’re not just enjoying a delicious drink. You’re sipping a story in a bottle, taking in the land the grapes came from, the people who tend the land, the winemakers who create the masterpiece that’s now meeting your lips, and the centuries of wine production that came before, all leading up to this point. The story is there in its entirety within the bottle, waiting for you to hear its tale, to whisper its truth to you.

“Raise your glass with me in a toast — celebrating the land, its history, the many people who have a hand in bringing what was once on the vine to your glass. Let us embrace life and each moment we have to enjoy it. Here’s to the many people who bless our lives and share a glass with us. Cheers to you!”

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