Painting of the Week: Pinot Noir Fields (bin616 Pinot Noir)


ImageStephanie is excited to announce the use of her artwork on the new bin616 line of wines, available exclusively at the Amway Hotel Collection, including JW Marriott, Amway Grand Plaza and Courtyard by Marriott hotels! Her colorful pieces — two figurative, in honor of us, the wine drinkers; two centered on the land, a nod to the farmers, the winemakers and the fruit itself — will appear on bottles of bin616 Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

Pinot Noir Fields: “Rolling hills, wrapped in vines. Generous the earth in its beautiful bounty!”

“A skip of my heart — my soul stirs and a smile spreads through me as I take in the vista before me. The lush green goes on for miles, over gently rolling hills striped with rows of vines, vines laden with grapes that eventually will become wine. Ahhh… wine country. In this case, we’re talking about Pinot Noir, the wine of surprises. Yes, it’s light, and its colors more ripe ruby than its deeper burgundy and amethyst neighbors, but it surprises with its ability to be complex. At times the layers tell more of a story than you might initially expect. The story it tells — that all wine tells — is about the land. It has been said that wine can not tell a lie: Every rainfall, every sunny day, every visit from the winemaker, everything is recorded right there in the bottle. It is this bottling of truth, of history, that captivates me and serves as inspiration for this painting. The land where wine comes from is as complex and beautiful as the wine that comes from it.

“My process in the studio is more about a feeling, a fire in my belly, than any desire to “copy” nature. I feel no duty to be true to reality; my desire instead is to be true to myself and the process of making something “painterly.” That’s to say, not trying to make a piece about anything but the brush, the paint, the painter’s hand and the artist’s communication with the canvas. In this piece, I worked fast — like I talk, like I do most things — letting intuition be my guide as I contemplated the Pinot Noir fields of my fantasies. I would like to be in this place, and I am inviting you to join me here in contemplation of the land, the grape and the wine … Pinot Noir.”

bin616 artwork will appear at the JW Marriott during ArtPrize, Sept. 18-Oct. 6. For more information, click here

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