Florence, Day 15: The Tuscan Tourist



This weekend I got to play tourist and, truth be told, I really am an educationally minded one. But Italian, unfortunately, I am not.

Today I was off to Siena, a gorgeous vineyard outside San Gimignano, then San Gimignano itself and, for dessert, Pisa. Join me on a little photo tour of Tuscany.

First to Siena. Sigh, Siena!

Oh, Siena … I could get used to you.

Lunch was here, at the Fattoria Poggio Alloro.

On the San Gimignano, the city itself. From our lunch spot we could view the famed city and its towers, but now to explore.


The first thing I like to do is get up high and scope the view. So I claimed the tower.


Then viewed the museum with precious works; very sweet.


And then a quick walk about town.

Leaving San Gimignano altogether too soon … We rushed off to Pisa to watch the sunset and see if we could hold up that leaning tower.

And the sun sets on a glorious day in Tuscany. My host today was Walkabout Tours Best of Tuscany. I normally do not like tours, but with a tight schedule, this one did a fabulous job!

Grazie mille!


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