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Ethiopia, Day 10: Mesmerized



It’s a vast country, Ethiopia — not in terms of actual land mass, but in variety. I feel like I’ve visited several countries, not just a small slice of the southern lands. The landscape keeps changing with me, mesmerizing me.

This morning we left the lush lands of the coffee growing region, a place I have thought of often — every morning, in fact, when I make my morning cup o’ java. It always reminds me how connected we all are. With each and everyone of us following our DNA chain back far enough, you will end up in Africa, and our morning “wake up call” reminds us that thinking and acting globally truly reaches beyond our hometown.

Here are some more pics from over the last few days:

I’m back in Addis Ababa now and ready to get back in the classroom, where the joy I experience is in fact priceless!

Peace, love and creativity,

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