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Adventure in Italy: Venice, Day 9


Image“NO!” something in me always screams as I head to an airport that will take me out of Italy. Day 9, a full and bittersweet last day.

Here’s the thing: My Mom always told me I had roots and wings and enjoy both in equal pleasure. Having my beloved husband Marc and precious Muchacho the dog at home make any return joyful … but that said, Italy is hard to leave. Today I soaked up every last bit of beauty and hung out island hopping in the Lagoon of the Veneto. Murano, the famed glass-blowing island, was like a living
art gallery with only a bit of “made in China tourist flash” thrown in. So, for the most part, truly inspiring and enchanting.

My favorite part however was a stop for cappuccino, where a group of long-retired local men were drinking spritzer and playing cards at 10 a.m., a great source of entertainment.

ImageMoving on to Burano, the most colorful little island I have ever seen, I had to restrain myself from wandering every corner to fill my belly’s needs. It’s a meal I may dream of for some time to come: fresh crab salad and seafood soup, washed down with a local dry sparkling wine.

A few hours later I finally got those pics and exploration I wanted. An eventful journey back to Rome followed, but that’s another story for another day! In the meantime, here are a few photos of our grand adventures today.