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Painting of the Week: “The Cows, the Vines, the Trees and M22”



“It’s not a secret that M22 is one of my favorite places to be. For me, it is magical: It’s all about the layering of trees, the vineyards, the barns and the cattle you pass along the way. This painting combines all of my favorite things about a place that is dear to me. The colors represent an evening sky, when everything is lit in the golden glow of a setting sun and the layers of trees, silhouetted just a bit by the fading light, tend to pop out even more than usual.

“The cows are collaged in, and they are cows I actually met ‘On the Michigan Wine Trail.’ They came up from behind while I was photographing a vineyard and they were so cute; they were very curious about me and didn’t have any fear.  There are also fences crafted from sheet music, representing the melodies that play in my head whenever I’m near M22! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.”
“The Cows, the Vines, the Trees and M22”

Size: 36 x 26
Medium: Mixed media
Price: $1,000 (available at the M22 store in Traverse City)

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