On the Michigan Wine Trail


Have you ever thought about what your favorite wine would look like as a painting or what song it would be? I would dare say, when drinking a really fine wine, I can hear music in my head and if I close my eyes a painting appears.

It is in this spirit that I am On the Michigan Wine Trail – discovering the art of wine. And let’s be honest, you get to sample a lot of wine on the trail and take in all the beautiful scenery which doesn’t make an artist too unfortunate to be up here, in fact, I consider myself blessed…

I’ve traveled around the world and Northern Michigan, in particular the Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsulas remain among the most beautiful and really speak to my soul. The people up here all share a common belief that reminds me of the lifestyle in Europe… slow down, enjoy, work to live not the other way around. Meeting the owners, growers, wine makers and the people that make this business work have been a highlight of my time up here.

Stay tuned and you will get to know them too… On the Michigan Wine Trail.

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