On the Michigan Wine Trail


Stephanie Schaltter Art - On the Michigan Wine TrailWine, like art, tells a story. A large portion of the story is left open to you the beholder to interpret. The interpretation is abstract, not to be taken too literally. Wine for me is a full sensory experience. Not only do I want to smell and taste it, I also see and feel it. What I see when I close my eyes and taste wine is colors and shapes that look like little abstract paintings. As a canvas in a bottle, the wine is telling a story that we each see differently.

In art, as in wine, the mind can become quickly bored with its own contemplation if you give all the information. I feel there should be a little mystery that allows my mind to play. This allows the viewer of art to be imaginative and enter with their own thoughts, which may also be the case with wine. Visually, the wine brings the story to life on canvas.

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