Wine Review Wednesday


Vespucci 58 from Bella Fortuna

This gem of a red wine is the featured house wine of Bella Fortuna Restaurant in Lake Leelanau, MI. Vespucci 58 is a blend of the Tuscan grape Sangiovese, Syrah, with a touch of Merlot and Cabernet. It’s a brilliant creation of restaurant owners, Bob and Jane, and is from their very own vineyard near Florence. Music is already playing in my head just thinking about it.

Vespucci 58 is a full wine that plays notes across my palate that makes me very happy. It’s described as fruit forward with a hint of spice, vanilla and earth, with strong plum, cherry, and blackberry. In my own words…pour a glass, grab a book, turn on Pavarotti and sip by the fireplace. Think of the Arno River in Florence and imagine the view on the label, it’s taken from Bob and Jane’s apartment in Florence and when I sip Vespucci 58 I am transported. Let yourself go and uncork an experience, taste the land and for just a moment… you’re a temporary resident of Italy. Salute!

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