Gallery: Painted-Over Photos



“When I discovered Gerhard Richter’s over painted photographs, the idea of fusing two artistic passions of mine — painting and photography — fascinated me. Richter’s idea that ‘a work of art must be a bit of an enigma’ inspired me to create this collection. By highlighting the significant aspects of the photographs, I’ve revamped these snapshots in time, much like my mind does with a memory.

“My painted-over photographs explore the layers of a memory. At the base is the photograph, the static documentation of the triggering moment. It shows all that the eye could see in that particular instant, but no more. Next, there’s the layer I have painted over, that attempts to recreate the other, abstract fragments of the memory: the sounds, feelings and connotations, the substance of the moment.






To view more of Stephanie’s Painted-Over Photos gallery, click here.

About Stephanie Schlatter Art

Stephanie Schlatter is an Artist who draws from the world for inspiration. While she calls Grand Rapids, Michigan, home she’s often off on new adventures. For more than a decade, her journeys have taken her across the globe. She has studied art both locally and abroad, including time in Mexico, where she decided to shift her focus from photography to painting. Stephanie's travels led her to found Absolutely Art: A Project for Change in 2006. Through this non-profit organization, she brings art instruction to the children of Ethiopia while supporting their education. Stephanie's work reflects an expression influenced by other cultures which resonates a variety of influences that have given her work direction.

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