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Painting of the Week: “Café Deux Magots”



“It’s Paris in the early half of the 20th Century. Picasso, Hemingway, James Joyce, Andre Breton and Fernand Léger, as well as so many others, might all be found sitting around a table of this famed café, talking of art, literature and philosophy. While today it is a tourist destination, with all of the photos gracing the walls of so many famed artists, writers and philosophers interacting with each other, it’s impossible not to feel the vibrations, the energy of the great ideas and thoughts born in this very place.

“The inspiration for this piece starts with the photograph of the café, a place that drew me in with its stories and history. Notice the couple at the center of the photo, right in front of the doors. They look very modern — chic, in fact. Her shoes alone draw me in, but they are blurred in their movement, showing the passing of time. This café was once something different, and time will pass and it will be something different again. All we have is right now.

“I paint the photos to emphasize what I find interesting — in this case, the café and the couple — and to play with the abstraction of memory. But it always begins with the photo, returning me to my start in art, behind the lens. At heart, though, I am always a painter, and I let the paint help me communicate what the photo alone cannot.”

“Café Deux Magots”

Size: 12 x 12 x 2
Medium: Painted-over photo
Price: $120

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Gallery: Painted-Over Photos



“When I discovered Gerhard Richter’s over painted photographs, the idea of fusing two artistic passions of mine — painting and photography — fascinated me. Richter’s idea that ‘a work of art must be a bit of an enigma’ inspired me to create this collection. By highlighting the significant aspects of the photographs, I’ve revamped these snapshots in time, much like my mind does with a memory.

“My painted-over photographs explore the layers of a memory. At the base is the photograph, the static documentation of the triggering moment. It shows all that the eye could see in that particular instant, but no more. Next, there’s the layer I have painted over, that attempts to recreate the other, abstract fragments of the memory: the sounds, feelings and connotations, the substance of the moment.






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