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Inspiration from London’s ‘Megaton’ Art Collection


Gazing upon a Turner

Don’t you want to be moved? Enchanted? Wowed? Let’s go make that happen!

London, simply put, has an enormous amount of mega art. By “mega art,” I mean hugely influential famous art from throughout history. One can stroll the museums there and take a walk through time in the medium of art. Badass art!

Moved to tears, feeling like a giant sap, I wept my way through the National Gallery and the Turner galleries at the Tate Britain. J.M.W. Turner is an artist whose work has to be viewed in real life. On paper, in books, you know it’s exceptional, but in person, you might just get swept away. He was a landscape painter. Better put, he set landscapes free. Free from the confines of the Royal Academy of Art and its stuffy rules. Free from expectation and free to be paint on canvas and nothing more or less.

He was a master who had so mastered his craft that he could set it free so to speak. In no way is his work all “loosey goosey”; it’s masterful, but free. Especially the work from the last 15 or so years of his life. This is true for many artists through history. In their latter years, I suspect — as in life itself — you feel more free to do as you please and care less what others think. Maybe we could all learn from that. What do you think?

There is a desire here to inspire you to go, gaze upon art and let yourself be moved. There are stories there in these paintings — uncover them with joy and wonder!

What are inspires you? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

Admiring a Renoir

Admiring a Renoir

Lake Michigan Series: An Artist’s Statement



In Michigan, growing up is very much about “the lake.” Memories of childhood are deeply ingrained with details of time spent on the shores of our jewel, Lake Michigan. Summers spent camping on the beach with Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and Dad. Two older brothers, equal parts tormenters and protectors, alternately teasing relentlessly and shielding me from the largest waves. It all runs together, and it’s summed up with a smile.

That magic does not fade with age. Lake Michigan has the power to take one’s breath away every time. That lake seems to do something to the setting sun that is a spectacular visual feast; it truly leaves its admirers breathless.

It is in that spirit that I’m exploring, with paint, the place where the sky meets the lake at the horizon, and all the many ways the sun transforms this into something different every day as the light bounces around the landscape. It is very much a study of what paint can do, and it is deeply tied to memory. I hope you add your own memories to this series, and together we can be transported to that magical place through art any time we desire.

Click here to view the Lake Michigan Series on my website.