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Lake Michigan Series: An Artist’s Statement



In Michigan, growing up is very much about “the lake.” Memories of childhood are deeply ingrained with details of time spent on the shores of our jewel, Lake Michigan. Summers spent camping on the beach with Grandma and Grandpa and Mom and Dad. Two older brothers, equal parts tormenters and protectors, alternately teasing relentlessly and shielding me from the largest waves. It all runs together, and it’s summed up with a smile.

That magic does not fade with age. Lake Michigan has the power to take one’s breath away every time. That lake seems to do something to the setting sun that is a spectacular visual feast; it truly leaves its admirers breathless.

It is in that spirit that I’m exploring, with paint, the place where the sky meets the lake at the horizon, and all the many ways the sun transforms this into something different every day as the light bounces around the landscape. It is very much a study of what paint can do, and it is deeply tied to memory. I hope you add your own memories to this series, and together we can be transported to that magical place through art any time we desire.

Click here to view the Lake Michigan Series on my website. 

Inspiration in Just Being



My beloved had to work this weekend, so we desired to take the day together Thursday and, well, just enjoy life.

It was so sunny and beautiful that we ended up outside for several hours, sledding, walking the dog, and then just sitting on our hill and taking in the beauty and the sounds of the birds.

The sun is warmer, brighter; the birds are making more noise. It’s the subtle shift I so enjoy, as the world beneath the snow and frost has its first thoughts of stirring, waking from its long slumber, winter submitting to spring. I found myself wanting to sketch the sweet birds. Remembering a book my Papa gave me when I moved out into the woods on birds of North America, I was able to stretch my glorious day in nature by pulling out my pastels and sketchbook and playing. Sometimes you just have to be exactly where you are!