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Painting of the Week: “The Lake and the Vine”



“This painting was inspired by a desire to simplify. Throughout art history, artists have had this tug of war of sorts, grappling with putting details in and choosing to take them out of their art. When I began this painting, it was about color and representing something in its simplest form. In this case, I wanted the completed piece to have a sense of wine country.

“I used striped paper that I collaged in here and there to represent the rows found in the vineyards, as well as the “peek-a-boo” green color. Lake Michigan was forefront in my mind, as it is the anchor of our state, and, in many places, you will find the vines spilling right into her great bays, creating a magical landscape. This is the sea of blue.

“The most important detail I chose to leave in was the sunset. One of the most classic, quintessential images of Michigan is a glorious sunset over the lake, and I wanted that to be the detail that took center stage. As the saying goes, ‘Wine is water held together by sunlight,’ and this painting is about that sunlight — oh, yes, and the wine it holds together!”

“The Land and the Vine”

Size: 24 x 24
Medium: Mixed media
Price: $450

To purchase this painting or others by Stephanie, click here.